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Angie's List Review Jo E. Newton, MA: "What's really remarkable about Kyle is that she really cares. I've been seeing her for about a year, with about a month's time passing between appointments; she remembers everything from one month to the next, and it's clear that she's been thinking about me in between. Like everyone else I know, I juggle many challenges -- career angst, the search for personal fulfillment; relationship issues (spouse, parent/siblings, grown children), financial worries -- and it's hard to avoid being overwhelmed and discouraged. Kyle brings the clarity that's needed to put each challenge into perspective and then figure out a way to gather the inner resources to deal with it. I can't think of any issue I wouldn't be comfortable bringing up with Kyle, or confident in her ability to shine a light on it. She may not be a fairy godmother, but she certainly is the intelligent, insightful, and empathetic friend you may be looking for, if you're looking for a therapist."

Angie's List Review MCL. Sudbury, MA: " I've consulted with Kyle for guidance in balancing my family concerns with my creative work and academic endeavors.Kyle has been a tremendous help to me as I seek to balance the demands of work and school with family life. She is an extremely empathic listener who always provides helpful, practical guidance. She has helped me immensely and is a great resource on a wide range of topics. Her approach is casual and friendly; she is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor. Kyle's guidance has helped me with a variety of relationship, career, parenting, and academic concerns, and I am very grateful for her insight and support. Kyle is easy to contact between appointments if needed, and is always available by phone or email. She is very accommodating when scheduling appointments, and she is 100% reliable -- she's always on time, and never cancels. I can't say enough great things about Kyle and the support and guidance she provides. I highly recommend her."

Google Review Anna V. Somerville, MA: "I was fortunate enough to find Kyle over a decade ago, when I was first beginning graduate school. I have seen her pretty steadily over the years. When I am going through difficult phases, such as major transitions in relationships or work, I see her more often. There have also been extended periods of time that I have not seen her regularly, but the through-line provided by her continued presence in my life has been a source of great strength and comfort. I do not know how many people see Kyle over such long stretches of time, but I can say from my experience that she is thoroughly committed to seeing her clients through the long haul. She once told me that she is very interested in the longer-term transformations that individuals go through. "

Google Review Callie W. Somerville, MA: "I found Kyle on Yelp and am so glad that I took the time to check around and that there were people who took the time to write honest and very helpful reviews of therapists. I'd been feeling a fairly steady low for a number of months before coming to see Kyle. Like someone else reviewing noted, I felt better after the first visit. Not simply because I was spending an hour taking care of myself, but because when I walked out the door, I knew I had someone on my side, who was going to help me take care of myself during the times that I wasn't in her office. She's helped me see a number of things through--like more exercise, being decisive, etc--that I've had trouble in the past few months getting psyched up about. I've noticed a big difference in my ability to start doing those things for myself--which is hard when you're in a consistent funk because she holds me accountable to those things in a non-judgmental and caring way. I think Kyle's strength is understanding. She completely nailed my personality within the first two visits and has consistently been on target with both her comments in session and her suggestions for things for me to do between sessions. Though of course digging in to certain aspects of one's life can be difficult, messy and stressful, I can honestly say I've enjoyed that process with Kyle. And I very much enjoy feeling the weight I've been carrying around lessen a bit each week."

AB, Cambridge & Switzerland "I've been having an anxiety/phobia issue for many years and I never could bring myself to see a psychologist about it. After moving to Cambridge from Switzerland, during one my my sleepless nights, I suddenly gained the courage to call a therapist. So I looked up online and decided to call up Kyle since she had very good reviews. I don't know what gave me the courage that night, but I am thankful that I decided to call a counselor especially that it was Kyle. After few sessions with her, I felt like a knot which has been bothering for many years is beginning to unfold and release itself. She helped me to understand why I am the way I am and as a result I began to feel and see myself free of judgement and more in a kinder and forgiving way. This was tremendously healing. I am soon moving out of the country and one thing above all the pleasant things that this town has offered was seeing Kyle. I am now moving forward with peace within myself and more confidence for whatever the future will bring."

Yelp Review Chris R. Dedham, MA: "My husband and I started seeing Kyle last December as we felt we had some communication skills we needed to work on. Within just a few sessions Kyle had helped us to identify some key common sense solutions and 'items of business' that we could introduce into our routine and lives that immediately helped to improve on skills we already had AND helped us to resolve the same irritating fight that we felt had been coming up again and again in our relationship. She was thoughtful and smart about helping us to realize we had less of a communication issue and more of a life balance issue - which was completely correct. Since that time, I have been seeing Kyle individually to help me work on some reservations I am having about starting a business. She has helped immensely by offering alternative ways to look at my questions and perspectives with regard to this business, helping me to build confidence around this issue, and has given me tools to handle work-life balance along the way. She has helped me to learn to take pressure off of myself and to focus on being productive and successful - not necessarily to expect perfection. Kyle is supportive, smart, and wonderful at her profession She treats her clients with the up most respect and provides a nonjudgmental and very pleasant atmosphere in which to work. I would recommend her to anyone- whether hesitant or not - who may be considering seeing a therapist."

Yelp Review Sofia M. Medford, MA: "I have been meaning to write this review for some time because I started seeing Kyle based on some searches I did for a therapist online. At the time I did not know anyone I could ask for a referral, and whilst it felt strange to look for a therapist online, taking the leap to make an appointment was a great step forward for me! I started seeing Kyle earlier this year, when things in my life became unmanageable. I really believe that if I did not begin therapy at that specific time, my life would have slowly started to spiral out of control and I would have become even more depressed. Kyle has enabled me to work through many of the issues I am facing, and while thinking of what I have learned from my sessions with her, it struck me that I might better express them in bullet format, so here goes: - Your therapist is like your cheerleader - the person who knows what you are capable of (and when) and helps you achieve it - that's how Kyle has helped me work through many issues. - She is highly skilled in pointing out to me (always in a gentle way) what my role in a situation might be, and if or how I may have contributed to the situation I find myself in. - She never offers "advice", but can suggest a different perspective or alternate way of handling problems. - She has a real talent for remembering details that were previously discussed. - I really like that she can be available if I need to reach her on occasion if I am having a rough day. - There are many practical things we can do to improve our life situation, and Kyle is great at helping me make these changes. Finally, having a therapist is one of life's greatest luxuries, too often in life people are insufficiently interested in each others' lives to care how they feel. Having a relationship with your therapist is very unique and different to any other relationship you will have, and the ability to speak freely about yourself only for 50 minutes (especially for someone like me who is quite uncomfortable being the centre of attention) has been profoundly liberating."

Google Review Michelle P. Cambridge, MA: "I began seeing Kyle shortly after relocating to the Cambridge area to begin graduate school to change careers. I had also recently dealt with some significant health issues. The combined stresses made the transition very difficult, and finding Kyle was a blessing. I felt comfortable opening up to Kyle almost immediately. She was trustworthy and empathetic. I was extremely hard on myself, and Kyle would often point out my good qualities and successes. Once, when talking to a family member, I told them that when things would get difficult, I tried to talk to myself the way Kyle talked to me! Kyle genuinely cares about her clients. She listens, remembers the details you share with her, asks questions, and gives both support and advice when needed. I would honestly look forward to seeing her every week. Most importantly, she showed me how to be self-compassionate, which continues to help me navigate setbacks and difficult situations without slipping back into old habits. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone navigating a difficult season of life."

Yelp Review Carrie L. Belmont, MA: "Kyle is an outstanding counseling professional in every sense of the word. When I met her about 9months ago, I had never been in regular therapy, and to be honest I was a little skeptical that such a thing could really improve my life...but now I look back and wish I had found Kyle years ago. She is particularly skilled at helping me unearth the deeper meanings behind my current struggles with family and other relationships. She also gives me guidance that is at once practical and manageable- it is of great comfort to know that I cannot, nor does anyone expect me to, change overnight. After our sessions, I always feel better equipped to face the challenges of my life, whether it's dealing with a sometimes emotionally demanding job or raising young children, or simply setting clearer boundaries with myself and others. In short, Kyle is a gem, and I feel fortunate to have found her!"

Aileen O., Somerville & Ireland "I consulted Kyle Carney 18 months ago when I realized I needed help from a psychologist or therapist dealing with the stress associated with my job and relationship. Kyle offers insightful, encouraging advice which helped me greatly through a difficult period in my life. I left each session with Kyle feeling positive and that I had been listened to and understood. Without Kyle's support, I would not be in the much happier place in my life that I am now!"

Google Review Tra. Westwood, MA: "Kyle has been my therapist for a number of years, through many major life changes. She has helped me as I finished my Ph.D. and navigated a challenging academic job market, balance my work/life through the births of two children, and negotiate my mother's long illness and recent death. When my husband and I were going through a difficult period, she was happy to work with both of us as well, which has made our relationship so much stronger. She offers both practical and emotionally cogent advice, helping me define my values and priorities against so many of life's demands and influences. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Google Review John M. Dorchester, MA: "I've been seeing Kyle for about 6 months now, and I feel very fortunate to have both met her and been working with her in that time. She's helped me navigate and deal with stresses around relationship issues, anxiety, and the overload of working full-time plus being a graduate student. I can't say enough good things - she's obviously very good at what she does, and offers a ton of insights that the average person might not see on their own. Her professional advice is balanced by a friendly demeanor and a great sense of humor that have me looking forward to my sessions with her each time. Highly recommended. "

Angie's List Review Scarlet B. Los Angeles, CA: "For over 20 years I have seen psychiatrists and psychologists with changing philosophies with regard to treatment and cognitive therapy, and by far Kyle Carney has been the most successful for me. She listens and responds with real and practical advice that is truly a way to achieve cognitive therapy and learn new responses to problems. She is wealthy with that balance of empathy and the ability to bring the truth to light and achieve the understanding of self that we all seek. I can't think of how to write the words to recommend her as highly as I value her."

Angie's List Review Trish T. Waltham, Ma.: "I have been seeing Kyle regularly since December 2012 for a variety of issues and she has been simply amazing. Kyle provides a comfortable and safe environment for open discussions and directly coaches/engages her patients towards strategies that are effective and lasting. I have seen mental health professionals in the past and, in comparison, have found Kyle's style of holding her patients directly accountable in achieving their personal goals to be more effective and lasting. She provides creative solutions to complex/lifelong issues and closely monitors her patient's mental/emotional/physical response. Meeting with her is like meeting with a close friend who has the training/life experience to provide unique insight and assistance. I strongly recommend her to anyone seeking sound, realistic, and efficient mental health care."

Google Review Christina R. Somerville, Ma.: "I found Kyle through patient reviews on Google and Yelp, so I'm hoping this helps other lost souls find her too. When I started seeing Kyle in the beginning of 2013 I was a wreck. My life felt like it was falling to pieces around me, I had no direction, I couldn't focus, and I wasn't sleeping. I felt better even after just the first session. About a month and a half after starting to see her (so this is after about 4 sessions), I have a major family crisis and spiraled again. Kyle helped me regain focus and get through all of it. What was most important to me is that when things started to calm down, she helped me heal. She helped me figure out what I needed out of life and helped me figure out how to achieve it. She's been the voice of reason when I felt like I was going crazy. I can't begin to express how much Kyle has helped me get back to myself. I felt like I was lost for so long but she found me again and brought my confidence back with me. I wouldn't be where I am right now without her. She helped me be happy, goal-oriented, and confident again. If you take one thing away from this review let it be that if you choose to see Kyle, you will never ever regret it."

Daniel R., Arlington & Spain "I was really lucky to meet Kyle when I moved to Cambridge. She helped me both, personally and professionally and always went above and beyond to facilitate my adaptation to the United States. As I was living and working in the United States for the first time, her experience, sensitivity and knowledge of other cultures were crucial to me. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs to see a psychologist."

Yelp Review L.J.M. Sudbury, MA: "I've seen Kyle for over a decade, during which she has helped me work through a variety of issues including: divorce and remarriage; the birth of a child; relationship, career, and family concerns; and creative and academic endeavors. In recent years, Kyle has been a tremendous resource for parenting issues and support. Kyle's guidance has helped me immensely over the years, and I can't say enough good things about her. Kyle is extremely empathic and insightful. She helps me pinpoint and identify my emotions--validating them and helping me figure out a way to deal with them. Kyle is also very practical and down-to-earth. She is a great source of information on a wide range of topics. I find her casual and easy to talk to; she also has a terrific sense of humor that always lifts my mood. She has an amazing ability to remember everything I tell her, so each time I see her we can pick up right where we left off. During an extremely difficult period when my child was hospitalized, Kyle met with me in the hospital, since I was unable to make it to her office for appointments. The compassion, time, and support she gave me during this time, in particular, were invaluable--and also helped me during the recovery phase that followed. It's hard to imagine how I would have gotten through this time without her help. During easier times I've found it helpful to remain in contact with Kyle and have appointments on a less-frequent basis, in order to keep the lines of communication open. Kyle is very supportive of this approach. Kyle remains in contact between sessions and is always available by phone. This is another valuable facet of the support she provides. She's flexible and accommodating when scheduling appointments. I look forward to each session with Kyle and am very grateful for my relationship with her."

Google Review Jessica W. Cambridge, MA: "I started seeing Kyle about a month ago, and it was my first time ever going to see a therapist. I didn't know what I was getting myself into, but was of course familiar with all the stereotypes. I must say that Kyle has defied any and all negative notions one might have about therapy. During our first appointment, she told me that her goal was to understand me. That statement stuck with me, and over the past month she has undoubtedly followed through with that goal. My sessions with Kyle usually consist of me doing most of the talking (which is the way I prefer it), but I am always fully confident that she is listening to me and fully engaged in everything I am saying. When she interjects a response, it is always genuine, relevant, and thought-provoking. I leave my sessions with Kyle with a huge smile on my face, carefully reflecting on everything we discussed. She helps me put things into perspective, which can be a daunting task to tackle alone as a young woman. I never feel like I have to hold back, and I never fear that she will judge me. She has a comforting and engaging disposition, and is clearly very intelligent and empathetic. Her responses are never trite or forced. I truly value her insight, and look forward to seeing her each week."

Google Review Heathwood. Cambridge, MA: "For someone considering therapy who is unsure of what to expect, Kyle provides a comfortable and safe environment in which to discuss your personal thoughts and feelings. I have been "therapist shopping" several times and have had bad experiences with people who were unprofessional or cavalier but you are in good hands with Kyle. Kyle is an excellent listener and remembers the names and details you discuss in session. This is a lot more important than you might think especially if these are difficult things for you to express. The most important thing for me is that she is very intelligent and genuinely concerned about her client's progress. She welcomes (and often requests) updates between sessions and is quick to return emails or calls. Kyle has a good sense of when to delve deeper into a particular subject and when to leave it be. She is a good cheerleader and reminds me, often, to give myself credit for the progress and achievement I have made. Having a third party person with whom to share your personal issues and concerns in a non-judgmental setting is probably helpful for anyone, regardless of background."

Google Review Jackie C. Wellesley, MA: "If you're looking for help to get your life on track then you need to call Kyle. I started counseling with Kyle when I was working in Cambridge over ten years ago. I was stuck in a job that I hated. Within a year of working with Kyle, I had left my job and started a career in an entirely new field--one that I had wanted to join for years; I then went to graduate school, found a new job and started a new relationship. With her help, I feel like I have been able to transcend the issues in my life that used to hold me back. How was this possible? To begin with, Kyle is an incredible listener. I marvel in her powers of concentration and her laser-like focus. I always feel like she is on my side. She has figured out what I need in terms of support, given my family dynamics. She is also a firm believer in behavior-based therapy, so I typically leave her office with an action plan. She has taught me to look at my behavior on my own to see patterns that I can change if they're not producing the results I want. I honestly don't think I'd be where I am today, personally or professionally, if I hadn't had the great fortune to meet and work with Kyle. I can't recommend her enough."

Google Review Heather R. Cambridge, MA: "I began seeing Kyle during an especially stressful time in my life. I was reluctant to seek therapy, never having seen a therapist before. However, my husband and I were going through a situation that could have resulted in us leaving the US, my home country, permanently. I was overwhelmed and scared facing a situation out of my control. She helped me process the situation and helped me think through the different possible outcomes. When talking with her, I always felt like I had someone looking out for my best interest, allowing me to acknowledge the ways in which it was uniquely difficult for me. She has also helped me tease out different family dynamics that continue to impact the way I live my life. She is adept at reading a person and has always given me the space I need to make the most of therapy. While my situation has resolved positively, I anticipate continuing to see Kyle as other life events arise. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone seeing a friendly and thoughtful therapist."

Google Review Gary S. Boston, MA: "I would whole-heartedly recommend Kyle to anyone looking for some grounded advice and guidance. With patience, balance, and insight, Kyle helped myself and my partner through a rather difficult time, meeting with us individually and as a couple. Without her help, I cannot even imagine where we would have ended up! I was hesitant about going to see a therapist in the beginning and am so grateful I decided to in the end."

Yelp Review Mary T. Worcester, MA: "I have been working with Kyle for well over a year now and I really feel a level of commitment from her that I have not always felt with other therapists. I go to therapy to learn more and more about myself, Kyle helps me do this and is often the voice of hope that I sometimes seem to lose. I would highly recommend her, especially if you, like me had worked with other people in the past and it didn't seem to click. She came highly recommended and I am really pleased..."

Google Review Erin B. Somerville, MA: "Kyle helped me to deal with my ever increasing stress related to graduate school. I started to see her because I needed to resolve some old confidence issues that returned with my stress. She also helped me trust myself while I planned my wedding and the stress that came with such a significant event in life. She is a great listener, offers alternative points of view without expectations or judgment and leaves one feeling like the issues are manageable and it is okay to have issues. Her key skill is providing an environment in which you learn that you can advocate for yourself in life in ways that won't leave people upset and if they are, you should feel strength in supporting yourself. She was always available via email or phone and offered flexible scheduling."

Yelp Review Dan F. Concord, MA: "I have been a client of Mount Auburn Counseling Center in Cambridge for some time now. I can attest that they are the best! I attended counseling in the past with other professional but the associates at Mount Auburn Counseling are supportive, effective, trustworthy, experienced and knowlegeable in all aspects of counseling. I would highly recommend their services!!!"

Google Review L M. Somerville, MA: "I have been going to Mount Auburn Counseling Center for more than 12 years, from my early 20s to my mid-30s. In that time, Kyle has helped me make much better choices in relationships. (I'm getting married soon to a wonderful person.) With her help, I've figured out better ways to deal with my problematic childhood. She also supported me when I left a job I'd been in since college, went to grad school, and started a new career. Kyle's levity, intelligence, and humor make her excellent at what she does. She listens very closely, and remembers details from week-to-week and year-to-year. I feel like she's on my side and supporting me, and that she cares about how I'm doing. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a friendly, down-to-earth person to help with both major and minor life issues. Kyle makes it very clear - the time is yours to talk about yourself, and she'll help you with whatever is on your mind."

Yelp Review Apple S. Cambridge, MA: "I started getting counseling with Kyle about 7 months ago (I found her in yelp) as I needed help dealing with relationship problems. She is a great listener and makes you feel safe and makes you feel that you have a strong ally who has been through the tough relationship issues before and can carry the burdens and heartaches with you. She is highly intuitive and intelligent and can quickly and accurately pinpoint what's not working. What I love the most is that she not only listens to your problems but gives very concrete next steps to take, and does so in a way that instills much confidence. Highly recommended."

Google Review Janet G. Wayland, MA: "I feel so lucky to have met Kyle and she changed my life towards a very positive direction. She is so intelligent and able to point out the truth of life. I value her precious qualifies and appreciate it a lot. Because to improve, you need to realize the reality first. Kyle is the person that points out the reality and tells me how I can improve to enjoy life more. Kyle is extremely caring and always identifies with my feelings. She gives me honest answers whenever I have a question. She has lots of love in her heart and you can see she wants you to have a good life. She gives me lots of encouragement and believes in me. She calms me down whenever I worry. After seeing her, I became more positive. I think it is so important to speak out your life challenges to a professional. I have even suggested my husband to see her just to see where we can improve in our marriage. We all need to deal with stress and challenges. By talking about your life and difficulites you are dealing with, you can feel better and start enjoying life. Last but not least, I hope everyone who sees this page can have a great life and enjoy every day of your life!"

Yelp Review AF H. Cambridge, MA: "There aren't enough superlatives to describe Kyle. She is kind, thoughtful, funny and wise. I haven't been to a lot of therapists, but she is the first one I've seen who seems like a friend. She has never once seemed intimidating, removed or judgmental. Every time I leave her office, I feel better than when I entered. I recommend her to everyone I know who is looking for a therapist."

Google Review M.Y. Cambridge, MA: "I have seen Kyle for a year and I feel incredibly lucky to have met her. Before starting to see Kyle, I had seen another therapist whose advice wasn't thorough enough to make long lasting changes in my mood. Kyle on the other hand figured out my personality in the first two sessions and has been guiding me in the right direction since. She has helped me realize patterns in my life that has been causing unhealthy decisions and offered a whole different perspective to approaching these issues. Through seeing her I realized it is difficult to make long lasting changes in our life habits and this won't happen overnight. But this is why Kyle is tremendously helpful supporting you in your own self development journey. She is always kind and ready to listen. Her sense of humor always lifts you up and makes you feel comfortable. Now I have moved to another city because of work but I still keep in touch with Kyle over email. With her presence in my life, I have grown personally and have more constructive point of views to both my personal and work life. I cannot recommend her enough."

Yelp Review Mary B.D. Georgetown, MA: "I was introduced to Kyle and the world of outpatient therapy by a coworker in 1983 after my parent was diagnosed with a chronic fatal illness. I have worked with her through the years during many transitions in my life. I feel as though my work with Kyle has changed my life in many ways for the better. She is a very skilled clinician who makes the work very comfortable. As a mental health professional myself, I am very aware of her wonderful attributes. I still see her now from time to time and it is such a relief to see a professional who remembers you and your issues."

Google Review Gaven C. Cambridge, MA: "Kyle is a fantastic relationship counselor. She helped my spouse and I achieve a more harmonious and supportive relationship. Kyle worked with us to develop strategies for living together peacefully, conflict resolution and with those oh-so-common unresolvable relationship issues. She is thoughtful, insightful and highly recommended."

Yelp Review L.H. Cambridge, MA: "Kyle has been an amazing source of support for me. I began seeing her after a breakup with a long-term boyfriend because I wanted to speak with someone who had a more objective perspective than my family and friends. The first time I met with Kyle, she had a very calming presence that immediately put me at ease. I felt comfortable speaking openly and honestly with her about my life and the feelings with which I was struggling. I have continued seeing Kyle ever since. She is not only nonjudgmental and understanding but also incredibly perceptive and insightful. She has an amazing grasp of people and their behavior, and I really trust her. Beyond simply listening, Kyle works with me to confront, understand, and overcome some of the issues I face in my life. Kyle is wonderful, and I feel very thankful to have her as a counselor."

Google Review SB Cambridge, MA: "I found positive reviews of Kyle online and started going to her a few years after college ended. I was having some difficulty making graduate school/career choices as well as with some latent family issues. She has a way of injecting common sense/wisdom into the most complicated situations, thus making it easier to move forward and make progress when you leave her office. I have gone to other therapists who either talk too much or too little, but Kyle is a perfect balance. She listens well, but knows when it's time to step in and comment or make a suggestion. Her presence puts you at ease and it's clear that she is committed to the progress of her clients. Highly recommended! "

Anglie's List Review F.B. Arlington, MA: "Kyle Carney has been a tremendous source of wisdom and comfort as she has counseled me for over nine years on multiple matters chiefly regarding my family of origin. She has provided me with much practical advice regarding social services available to assist me with managing long-distance problems with elders, siblings and children who needed both financial and psychological help. Kyle is great also because she has given me advice regarding my job, my goals, my marriage and friendships. She is a fountain of experience and calm. She has helped me separate the essential questions--what can I fix, what can I not fix. I recommend her highly. She is also very flexible for scheduling weekly or occasional visits, helpful with handling insurance questions, willing to meet family members and reply to phone messages as soon as she can. My nephew saw her separately and benefited greatly during his college years. He knows he can call for an appointment any time and Kyle will remember him! She's a wonderful resource, a treasure. I have benefited greatly from Kyle's counseling. I have been able to overcome severe anxiety regarding how to handle multiple family problems. Over the years, I have improved my health and general well-being with her guidance. We began with weekly visits in 2001. As my personal life became less stressful, I changed my visits to twice a month or once a month, knowing that if I needed to see her more frequently, she would fit me in as her schedule permitted. Kyle is always eager to know what happened after I took some action to solve a family matter. I could leave messages for her from anywhere I happened to be and she would call me back. I have gotten a lot of closure and resolution over the years by talking and listening in Kyle's office."

Yelp Review Colleen C. Boston, Ma: "I started seeing Kyle in October 2010 after my dad passed away. I cannot even begin to describe how much Kyle has helped me deal with the loss of my dad and help me find my way back to being happy again. She helped me realize how to take care of myself and celebrate the little things. With Kyle, I finally understood that I didn't have to have my whole life figured out overnight. The thing I love about talking to Kyle is that she never judges me, she just listens and helps me find the way to the right decision. She is such a source of comfort and guidance for me. I could not have gotten through this past year without her. I truly feel that I am in a much better place in my life because of Kyle."

Yelp Review Felix T Waltham, Ma: "Just about a year ago I found Mount Auburn Counseling Center though none other than this humble website. For me, it was a long time coming to seek counseling in my life. Having thought about it for years, it finally took a failing relationship with my girlfriend and my complete unhappiness at work to finally do me in. So, I began to see Kyle, and she simply listened, and guided me through what was (in retrospect) a very emotional time. Its difficult to describe, but after each session I felt as though a cloud had been lifted. Kyle listens to the problems in your life, offers you practical advice on how to remedy these problems, and guides you on the right path. So glad I decided to swallow my pride and get help. I see a tremendous difference in my life since first starting my sessions one year ago."

Google Review : Karen S. Cambridge, MA : I met Kyle during a particularly rough patch of anxiety and depression. I was having a number of problems with some medication I had been taking and was having some relationship issues as well. I feel so fortunate to have found her. During our first session, she was extremely kind and understanding, but very proactive about helping me feel better. She put me in touch with a top psychopharmacology researcher to help me get my medication issues sorted out and, in the months since our first meeting, has helped me deal with family problems and one very huge life transition. Talking with Kyle really is like talking to a wise friend. She remembers everything (I can't imagine how hard that must be) and always seems engaged and interested. Her insights always help me look at matters in a different light or different perspective. She is honest and thoughtful and, I really believe, she cares about her patients and their lives.

Google Review S.M, Cambridge, Ma: "I am very grateful for my sessions with Kyle. She has been helping me sort out an array of personal issues and inner conflicts regarding marriage, work-life balance, family dynamics, and unresolved issues from my past. She is kind, supportive, nonjudgmental, and very wise. Her feedback is always insightful and helpful. Kyle provides a safe environment -- a wonderful platform for me to be open, honest, and to resolve my issues in a proactive way. I am very grateful for my sessions with Kyle. She has been helping me sort out an array of personal issues and inner conflicts regarding marriage, work-life balance, family dynamics, and unresolved issues from my past. She is kind, supportive, nonjudgmental, and very wise. Her feedback is always insightful and helpful. Kyle provides a safe environment -- a wonderful platform for me to be open, honest, and to resolve my issues in a proactive way."

Yelp Review Julia M. Cambridge, MA: "I have been seeing Kyle for a year and a half now. As a full time staff member at Harvard, her office location is perfect! She is very flexible with me and works hard to find times that coincide with my lunch hour. I often bring my lunch along with me and we talk as I eat. She is very prompt, so I can get in to see her for the whole 50 minutes and back to my office without any trouble. If you work in or around Harvard Square, Mount Auburn Counseling Center is the perfect practice for you! Kyle is pretty non-threatening as far as therapists go. She is well versed in a variety of psychological areas and is able to provide an informed perspective without being overly opinionated or judgmental. She provides guidance, but mostly lets the patient direct the conversation. The conversation flows very naturally, she's a great listener, and really absorbs what your saying. She provides support and guidance, but does so through questions to help the patient gain insight into themselves. Her manner is very supportive, yet she helps her patients look at the harder issues in their lives."

Google Review Heather G. Boston, MA: "I am a young and very busy professional (I am also a social worker) who is also taking classes and doesn't usually have the time to be able to take care of myself, but needed some support. I have been seeing Kyle for the past few months to help me deal with food issues around weight loss. She has listened and encouraged me at every step, which I desperately needed. She has been great about working around my very busy schedule and is available for additional support through e-mail if I need it. I greatly enjoy my time with her and respect and appreciate her help."

Google Review Sarah K. Somerville, MA: "Kyle is fantastic-fit into a busy work schedule, quick to return phone calls or emails, and the best therapist I have found! Having grown up in a difficult house that progressively got worse, I had tried to seek counseling several times before finding Kyle. Each time I was severely discouraged by the approach the therapist took. Upon informing Kyle of this, she assured me that I could direct our meetings or alter our discussions as I saw fit. Within a few visits, I was extremely comfortable and could already tell some of the weight was being lifted off my shoulders. Kyle not only worked on issues from my past, but helped me to navigate the bubble of 'recent college graduate' that I was hesitant to relinquish entirely."

Yelp Review Christine J. Cambridge, MA: "I was going through some tough times and had to go see someone to get my life back in order. I read Kyle's reviews on yelp and decided to try her. I'd been really down for 6 months or more, really down.. and one week after I saw her, I felt better. I am soo glad I went to her. I'm so much better, she keeps me in check. I feel so happy that I have someone whom I can share everything with, someone who supports me and gives me great advices. I really do appreciate Kyle. She's an amazing therapist. I've recommended her to many of my friends. Thank you kyle for being so friendly, easygoing, helpful and supportive. I feel very at home with her."

Google Review M. W. Framingham, MA: "Kyle has facilitated, supported and encouraged the major changes that I have made to enhance the quality and richness of my life. These changes have run the gamut from purchasing real estate to pursuing an interest in music (she is very versatile). More importantly, she has helped me understand why I get stuck when I could be moving forward. Since I get stuck pretty often, what has been most helpful about Kyle is her accessibility. She has always been available to help me over the hurdles. I see many ads now for gentle dentistry. Kyle could advertise as a gentle therapist, her suggestions are subtle and gentle but truly life changing. Most important of all, she laughs at my jokes! Over the course of my struggles, I encountered one therapist who made me feel that there wasn't enough time in one lifetime to deal with my issues (that was the therapist who referred me to Kyle so I can thank her for that at least) to another who declined my case outright. Kyle has been accepting and accessible and I am a happier person for that. "

Google Review Nicole C. Cambridge, MA: "I have been seeing Kyle for over a year now, and she has proven to be a great help in my life. I was in counseling when I was younger, and now nearly 4 years later, I felt it was time to go back into therapy. I was having panic attacks from attempting to deal with the stress of school full time, work full time, and a boyfriend overseas. From the first phone call when I set up my first appointment, Kyle was caring and concerned. Ever since she has gone above and beyond to help me address and handle my problems, making herself available as much as possible for me from e-mails to even daily phone calls when I was at my worst. She has been there for me and am grateful for her help."

Yelp Review J.N. Watertown, MA: "I started working with Kyle about a year ago to deal with relationship issues. I have visited numerous therapists over the last 5 years but failed to make a personal connection. During my 1st visit with Kyle, I found a comfortable environment and a very intelligent practitioner. She uses her diverse experience to analyze the key issues and works with you to develop an action plan. She is a great listener and always seems to say the right things at the right time. I always look forward to our appointments and leave feeling better than when I walked in."

Google Review D. J. Cambridge, MA: "I never thought I would end up needing a therapist to deal with emotions or breakups, but a recent break up was the most painful I've been through. I was in enough of a mental fog (and wasn't using my support network like I should) that I felt I needed to talk with someone. Kyle struck the right balance between listening and giving me advice, and after only a few sessions with her, I feel like I am back on my feet. In my case, she took the ways I was thinking about my problems and distilled them down into simple, focused things I should be doing to get back on track. It was her gently outside advice that gave me the perspective to be me again. I highly recommend her."

Yelp Review M. C. Boston, MA: "Kyle is truly an amazing counselor. I began working with her as a mid-30's professional woman going through a heart-breaking divorce and wondering where my life was going to end up. A year and a half later and after lots of hard work, I can appreciate that period for the growth it provided and am looking forward to a very bright future. With friends and family wrapped up in their own opinions/beliefs/disappointments, Kyle was my unbiased anchor and always provided soothing support. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help through a difficult period of their life."

Google Review Felix T. Waltham, MA: "Just about a year ago I found Mount Auburn Counseling Center though none other than this humble website. For me, it was a long time coming to seek counseling in my life. Having thought about it for years, it finally took a failing relationship with my girlfriend and my complete unhappiness at work to finally do me in. So, I began to see Kyle, and she simply listened, and guided me through what was (in retrospect) a very emotional time. Its difficult to describe, but after each session I felt as though a cloud had been lifted. Kyle listens to the problems in your life, offers you practical advice on how to remedy these problems, and guides you on the right path. So glad I decided to swallow my pride and get help. I see a tremendous difference in my life since first starting my sessions one year ago."

Google Review Colleen C. Boston, MA: "I started seeing Kyle in October 2010 after my dad passed away. I cannot even begin to describe how much Kyle has helped me deal with the loss of my dad and help me find my way back to being happy again. She helped me realize how to take care of myself and celebrate the little things. With Kyle, I finally understood that I didn't have to have my whole life figured out overnight. The thing I love about talking to Kyle is that she never judges me, she just listens and helps me find the way to the right decision. She is such a source of comfort and guidance for me. I could not have gotten through this past year without her. I truly feel that I am in a much better place in my life because of Kyle."

Yelp Review M. S. Cambridge, MA: "I am very grateful for my sessions with Kyle. She has been helping me sort out an array of personal issues and inner conflicts regarding marriage, work-life balance, family dynamics, and unresolved issues from my past. She is kind, supportive, nonjudgmental, and very wise. Her feedback is always insightful and helpful. Kyle provides a safe environment--a wonderful platform for me to be open, honest, and to resolve my issues in a proactive way."

Google Review M. H. Quincy, MA: "I am a professional woman in my late fifties. I found myself in a downward spiral trying unsuccessfully to balance my life at home and work compounded with a very long commute and the inevitable random upsets that most of us are faced with later in life. I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Through a recommendation and internet search I found Kyle Marie Carney at Mount Auburn Counseling Center. From the get go Kyle was able to assess my current situation and help me help myself. We put together a manageable daily plan where the main focus was taking care of me! In a relatively short amount of time I am now happily maintaining a reasonable schedule that allows me to get the rest and exercise I so desperately needed. I am a huge fan of working with professionals like Kyle Carney and will not hesitate to call upon her expertise to help me again in the future. She is absolutely wonderful to work with!"
Google Review JMP, Watertown, MA: "I'm a 30-something first time mom. There are a lot of stresses that come along with a new baby, including physical, mental, and emotional. After many sleepless nights, days spent crying, and near panic attacks, I nervously contacted Kyle. Through solo sessions, as well as those with my husband, Kyle helped me work through many of my problems. She offered concrete ideas to meet the goal to a stress- and panic- free life. Honestly, I didn't know what to expect from my sessions with Kyle because I've never before met with a counselor/therapist/etc. Upon meeting her, I realized I had nothing to fear and it is likely other times in my life could've been easier if I had met with her previously. In the future, I will not hesitate to contact her."
Google Review E.M, South Boston, MA: "I've been seeing Kyle for about six months. Through her guidance I have made a major breakthrough in understanding the patterns in my life that affect both private and professional life. She provides a very comfortable and loving environment which makes it easy to share personal issues. Her advice is always helpful even if you don't see the effects immediately. Kyle is incredibly insightful and figures you out very fast. I am very thankful to her for the changes she made happen in my life. I cannot recommend her enough."

Yelp Review Francis B. Boston, MA: "My wife and I found Kyle on Yelp; we had never been to a counselor before. We needed help with issues related to our extended family and our careers. Kyle was supportive and perceptive right from the start; she gets to the heart of the matter adeptly, and you really feel she is giving you her full attention and consideration at all times. Whether meeting with her individually or together, we always leave her feeling uplifted and strengthened."

Angie's List Review Christina M. Somerville, MA: "My first session with Kyle was in 2011 while I was in the process of getting a divorce, and I've been seeing her on an ongoing basis ever since. I started seeing Kyle when I was going through a really rough time. During this period I would feel very overwhelmed at times, Kyle helped me focus and prioritize and get my life back on track. She has also helped me gain a sense of confidence which has allowed me to start a new career and begin dating again. I would highly recommend Kyle to anyone seeking a therapist."